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About Lokma's



Lokma's, having its roots as a family business since 1935, continues its distinguished journey as the manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of handmade authentic delicacies. 


For decades the main objective of Lokma’s has been to provide carefully prepared Turkish tastes with the best ingredients, to a broader population. Lokma's offers an elegant combination of traditional Turkish tastes and a modernist influence in its products and ensures that they are packed, stored, and exported in the best way.


Reaching to a wide audience in supermarket and local chain markets through distribution companies in four continents, Lokma’s is one of the leading exporter of Turkey, with a significant export volume.  


Having a reliable and respected place in the Turkish food market, Lokma’s is increasing its popularity in the world day by day and is moving towards becoming a global brand.


Our Values & Features


Handmade with best materials

We believe in human touch and produce handmade. All of our raw materials are seasonal and mainly from small farmers in Turkey.


Worldwide Export Service & Mixed Shipment option

We export to four continents, directly to our customer-partners door with decades of experience & offer our clients the option of having mixed shipments. 


Elagance and great taste are now together

We offer ellegance with great taste and luxurious amballage. The most prestigious products that our customers can present in their markets.

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